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The new album from Steven James and The Jaded has been two years in the making and we are so stoked to get these new tunes out to the world! 


Recorded ourselves in our own studios in Corpus Christi, "Starr Street" is a leap forward in our sound that we hope music fans will hear from the very first listen. The final product was mixed and produced by Grammy-winning Producer, Dylan Ely, at Portia Street Studios in Los Angeles California. 


Opening track "Lucky Stars" is an ode to the women who have stood by us on this crazy ride of playing music as we "Thank our Lucky Stars she's around..." The track has been steadily climbing the Texas Country Music Charts since being released to radio in Spring 2019. 


The second track "Ride" is a slow burner about a young girl dreaming of getting our of her small town and making something of herself in the big city. Track three "Lost Angel" is about finding that one soul mate who brings out the best in you and "takes all his wrongs and makes them right..." 


Track four "Everybody's Crazy" is a great two-step song that paints a picture of smoky honky tonks and fast love. The lyrics warn you to "Let her know that this is real" while you are able because "Everybody's crazy in their own way..." in this world. 


Track five "Little Texas Town" is a true Texas waltz, and a look back at Steven's childhood growing up in small towns in East Texas, and how we dream of moving out, but once we've made it we "Never thought the day would come around, when we'd say we miss our little Texas town..." 


Track six is the anthemic "The Piney Woods" a loud rock and roller that kicks off and never stops. Another look at Steven's years in East Texas, known as The Piney Woods, this song finds Steven missing a girl he left back home while he's out on the road and vows to come back to. 


And finally, album closer and title track "Starr Street" wraps up the whole package, telling the story of two people who went their separate ways to find fortune and fame, but ultimately reunite in their small town to again find love and meaning where they least expected it: "And we said we'd meet, out there someday down on Starr Street...It's the strangest thing when you throw it all away just to chase your dreams." 





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